Online Therapy

How Online Therapy via Email Can Help

  • The process of drafting an e-mail requires critical thinking
  • Critical thinking provides clarification of problems
  • Writing about your problems relieves stress in and of itself
  • Writing encourages expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Problems become real and specific when visible in print
  • Critical thinking sparks new perspectives and potential solutions

What to Expect from the Online Therapist

  • The response to your email will include feedback via comments and questions as the
    therapist helps you explore problems more fully
  • With objectivity the therapist assists you in gaining insight into those thought patterns and behaviors that may instigate and/or perpetuate the problems
  • The therapist encourages recognition of your strengths and validation of those coping mechanisms that have helped you survive
  • You will feel accepted and supported as you learn new skills to improve communication, increase self esteem and assertiveness, reduce stress and anxiety, rebuild relationships, recover from depression, grieving or loss, parent more effectively and resolve the issues that brought you into counselling

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